About the WLWCA


Founded in 1972, the Wisconsin Liquid Waste Carriers Association Inc. is the premier trade organization for Wisconsin’s liquid waste industry. Active members include companies servicing private wastewater treatment systems and portable toilets, and those actively transporting and disposing of liquid wastes. Companies that provide equipment and professional services to the liquid waste industry, officials from all levels of government, and academic institutions are encouraged to join as associate members. If you are looking for a company to service your septic tank or to provide portable restroom servicing, please click on "directory" to find a professional in your area.



Working for you


Guided by a Board of Directors comprised of association members elected from across the state, and staffed by an executive director and lobbyists in Madison, the WLWCA:

  • Monitors and participates in all levels of government decision-making.
  • Communicates timely news and information to members.
  • Provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas by sponsoring meetings, trade shows and educational workshops.

Legislative accomplishments

  • Blocked each county from creating its own septage disposal program.
  • Defeated a plan to allow publicly owned wastewater treatment plants to charge you 150% of their costs.
  • Passed a law requiring wastewater treatment plants to charge you only what it actually costs to treat septage.
  • Passed a law requiring wastewater treatment plants to accept septage between November 15 and April 15 if the plant can do so without exceeding design capacity.
  • Included liquid waste haulers in an exemption from spring weight restrictions.
  • Kept Groundwater Fund fees reasonable.
  • Monitored NR113 to be sure that it is fair and equitable.
  • Helped formulate EPA 503.
  • Passed mandatory certification of licensed pumpers.
  • Passed 1987 Wisconsin Act 174 regarding axle weight variances.
  • Passed a law providing septage pumpers a special exemption from seasonal weight limitations in emergencies.
  • Assured that the revision of Comm. 83 allowed certified pumpers to inspect private onsite wastewater treatment systems. 


Why be a WLWCA member?


Timely information that affects your profitability


Receive the WLWCA newsletter each month with up-to-the-minute information on the DNR and the Department of Safety and Professional Services. No other regular publication sends you updates on changes and proposed changes to the rules affecting pumpers.


Continuing education credits


The WLWCA conferences and continuing education seminars offer the credits you need to meet DNR and plumbers license requirements.

Conferences and trade shows


Learn how to:

  • Price your services for maximum profit.
  • Save money on taxes.
  • Set aside enough money for retirement.
  • Collect on past-due accounts.
  • Hire the best employees.
  • Select the right equipment and trucks.
  • Save money on insurance.
  • Add to the services you offer.
  • Protect your employees’ health and safety.
  • Acquire the most cost-effective computer
    hardware and software.

    Experts in all of these fields are present at WLWCA conferences!



Learn from your colleagues and competitors. Why not learn from those who are already successful? There are many opportunities at WLWCA conferences and trade shows to network. Our conferences always include time for socializing.

Experienced representation


WLWCA’s lobbyists represent your intere

sts. WLWCA achieves legislative and regulatory reforms that save you time and money. WLWCA’s lobbyist makes sure that government decisions take your needs into account. You will learn about legislative proposals and proposed DNR rule changes before they become law where there is still time to take action.



WLWCA serves its members by helping them run their businesses profitably, safely and lawfully. WLWCA is strengthened with each new member. Your clout is increased when you join WLWCA. Together much more can be accomplished than by any one company alone.

Invest in your future


WLWCA membership is an investment in the future of your business. Dues are a small price to pay for active representation with the DNR, other state agencies, and the legislature.

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Germantown, WI 53022

Phone: (888) 782-6815

Email: info@wlwca.com 

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